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Find the right party in easy 5 steps

  • 1 Style
  • 2 Type
  • 3 Scenario
  • 4 Pick Characters
  • 5 Checkout

Step 3. Choose a murder mystery scenario

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    The Tribal Council

    A Survivor Mystery

    • 10-65 guests
    • PRICE: $8.00 / guest

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    The Setting:

    You are on the south pacific island of Mullamulla and you are involved in the making of the hit television show, Surviving. The program pits participants against each other to see who can be the last contestant voted off the show. Max Devlin owns "Devlin Dream Works" the production company that is producing the show. Devlin has invited everyone to a meeting that is to take place on in a tent on the beach.

    The Crime:

    A tropical storm started brewing over the Pacific and the contestants, cast, and crew took cover under the tent. Suddenly, a bolt of lightening struck and the lights in the tent went dark. Moments later a scream rang out. When the torches were lit, the lifeless body of Max Devlin, the shows egotistical creator and director was found dead from a gunshot wound. Once of you is the killer, the rest of you need to find out who it was.


View Characters

Abe Hutcheon

Adriana Lopez-Esteban

Angel Duffy

Babette Delight

Bailey Duhe

Bethany Barton

Brenda McCoy

Brooks Marion

Cadi Duncan

Cheryl Stone

Claudia Straightlace

Curt Wild

Daniel Kees

Daniel Staursky

Dolores Woods

Donna Slick

Dorothea Staursky

Eli Kerby

Ghali Haddad

Isabel Gray

Jace King

Justin Fearn

Kara Sowell

Karmen Smith

Katie Sands

Lauren Barattini

Lewis Peters

Lily Legasse

Liz Butler

Madame Celena

Madeline Iles

Mary Schmidt

Maxine Cassidy

Merrit Corrigan

Molly Lucas

Muzamil Khawaja

Nancy Coleman

Nurse Ratchet

Paul Moreno

Resham Rahat

Sarah Thornton

Sonum Sanjanwala

Stacey Sly

Sue Strong

Suzie Pump

Trey Vernaci

Wendy Wellington

West Hammond

Will Travis

William Chenoweth

Willy Woodstock

Zachary Smith

Abe Hutcheon

Abe Hutcheon


You are a contestant on the show Surviving. You should wear something tropical, but since you have been on the island for two weeks you might want to look a bit tattered. The unshaven look would look great.

Personality Traits:

  • You are a successful entrepreneur.
  • You have a 'do what ever it takes' attitude.
  • You miss your Blackberry.
  • Top:

    Wear a tattered t-shirt or Hawaiian shirt.

  • Bottom:

    Wear a pair of khaki shorts or jean shorts.

  • Accessories:

    Flip flops or a bandana would be the perfect accessory.