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Find the right party in easy 5 steps

  • 1 Style
  • 2 Type
  • 3 Scenario
  • 4 Pick Characters
  • 5 Checkout

Step 3. Choose a murder mystery scenario

  • img-simon

    Murder on the Montenegro

    A 007 Mystery

    • 10-51 guests
    • PRICE: $10.00 / guest

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    The Setting:

    You have received an invitation to participate in an intercontinental high stakes poker game with a jackpot of $100 million. This exclusive event will be hosted onboard the luxury cruise ship, the MS Montenegro. The buy-in is $10 million and the martinis are complementary. Some of you are here to gather intelligence on the elusive and influential guests onboard. And some of you have come with more sinister motives in mind. Can anyone be trusted?

    The Crime:

    After the first round concluded, several players were already down to their last handful of chips. Bond left the stateroom and went back to his room. When the game was about to recommence a hostess burst into the stateroom and frantically announced that James Bond had been shot dead in his room. One of you is the killer & the rest of you must find out who is was.


View Characters

7-Fingers Louie

Alec Trevelyan

Angelo Palazzi

Anya Amasova

Auric Goldfinger

Betty Kraft

Captain Blythe

Count Lippe

Domino Derval

Dr. Holly Goodhead

Dr. Julius No

Dudley Fitzpatrick

Ed Sloan

Elliot Carver

Emilio Largo

Ernest Stavro Blofeld

Father Flaherty

Fiona Volpe

Florence Meadowlark

Francisco Scaramanga

Francois Derval

Giovanni Delusso

Honey Ryder

Jill Masterson

Kara Milovy

Kissy Suzuki


Lance Lugar

Larry Luck

Larry Stern

Le Chiffre

Marco Lean

Mary Goodnight

Max Zorin

May Day

Melina Havelock

Miss Moneypenny

Miss Taro

Molly Pump


Paris Carver

Patricia Fearing

Paula Caplan

Pearly Gates

Plenty O'Toole

Priscilla Jones

Pussy Galore


Raoul Banito


Ridge Booker

Ryan Brewer

Shelly Western


Tiffany Case

Tracy Bond

Valentine Dmitrovich

Vesper Lynd

Vickie Kyle

Xenia Onatopp

7-Fingers Louie

7-Fingers Louie


You are a mobster type could come dressed with a trench coat and a fedora. You may also want to wear gloves with three fingers tucked inside the glove (optional).

Personality Traits:

  • Some say you are very mysterious.
  • Others say you aren't exactly a people person.
  • Few people know you love to knit.
  • Top:

    Wear a dark button-down shirt with matching suit coat.

  • Bottom:

    Pair that with matching pants.

  • Accessories:

    Finish the look with lots of gold chains and rings.