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Find the right party in easy 5 steps

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Step 3. Choose a murder mystery scenario

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    Murder at Maverick Saloon

    A 1920's Mystery

    • 8-87 guests
    • PRICE: $10.00 / guest

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    The Setting:

    It is the Roaring Twenties; The Jazz Age. Flappers are flaunting their disdain for the notions of decent behavior by wearing makeup, drinking hard liquor, smoking tobacco, and participating in brash, risqué behavior. Prohibition laws have given rise to organized crime as well as back alley speakeasies. Tonight you are invited to Maverick Saloon - A Speakeasy Ed Malone operates in the back of his Coca-Cola Bottling Factory.

    The Crime:

    It was a hot summer night in the peak of Prohibition when the typically quiet, rural town of Santa Ynez. A special gathering of the valley's most important and powerful patrons ensued at The Maverick Saloon. Anyone who was anyone could be found dancing the night away at the town's most infamous speakeasy when at the strike of 9PM, the sound of a rattling machine gun came howling from the saloon's cellar. When the commotion died down Doris Plunkett, the owner of Maverick's, checked the cellar where the bootleg liquor was stored. What she found was the dead body of Ed Malone, the valley's most ruthless gangster!


View Characters

Archer Straightlace

Audrey Barnhart

Ben Kraft

Betsy Berg

Betty Kraft

Betty Backhand

Beverly Bluff

Bobby Shoestrings

Booker Williams

Boxcar Besse

Boxcar Brown

Buck Saddlesore

Bugsy O'Brien

Buzz Bundy

Cam Ford

Camille Stiller

Celia Marrucci

Chandler Chapel

Chester Pennypacker

Chip Bluff

Claira Jones

Clarence Black

Claudia Straightlace

Cynthia Dear

Detective Lynch

Diana Downbeat

Digger Downbeat

Doris Maverick

Dotty Dewright

Dr. Hilary Homelite

Dr. Homer Homelite

Drumstick Dale

Eddie Vermicelli

Elsie Wagner

Eugene Weasley

Father Bonaggio

Gabby Jackson

Gloria Quinn

Gordon Klein

Greasy Lloyd

Hank Hatchet

Hank Lewis

Hannah Lewis

Harry Handshake

Irene Murphy

Irv Griffen

Janie Firstlove

Jigglin Jim

Joe Jackson

Judy Malone

Katarina Katwalk

Kent Harvey

Kirsten Bell

Lance Lugar

Lefty Malone

Leroy Boone

Lisa Lampshade

Lucas Taylor

Lucy Taylor

Mac Petit

Madam Flamingo

Martino Marrucci

Mick Dundee

Minnie McDoogle

Moe DeLuca

Molly Lucas

Molly Hatchet

Mona Hatrock

Mrs. Paterson

Nelly Kodak

Nelson Kodak

Norma Durand

Officer Flaherty

Orval Redenbaker

Pearly Gates

Phyllis Lombardi

Ralph Schmidt

Ralph Spielburg

Raymond Watson

Reese Evans

Richie Monarch

Rosey Radish

Roy Burke

Roy Hobbs

Sally Snodgrass

Sean O'Casey

Sharkie Burns

Shawna Showtunes

Sheila Dundee

Shirley Harris

Stan Matucci

Stretch Marx

Tammy Faye

Tess Turnip

Tin-Can Clyde

Vinnie Sarduchi

Virgil Parker

Virginia Parker

Willie McDoogle

Archer Straightlace

Archer Straightlace


You are Ed Malone's accountant. You are ultra conservative and your attire should reflect this.

Personality Traits:

  • Some say you count too many beans.
  • Others say you are a little obsessive compulsive.
  • You brother thinks you need to take retake Accounting 101.
  • Top:

    Wear a conservative suit.

  • Bottom:

    Pair your suit with a coat.

  • Accessories:

    Complete your look with a top hat. A calculator would be a great accessory.