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Find the right party in easy 5 steps

  • 1 Style
  • 2 Type
  • 3 Scenario
  • 4 Pick Characters
  • 5 Checkout

Step 3. Choose a murder mystery scenario

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    Miss Teen USA

    A Pageant Mystery

    • 8-76 guests
    • PRICE: $10.00 / guest

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    The Setting:

    It is the night before the Miss USA pageant, the biggest beauty pageant of the entire year. The competition includes formal wear, evening gown, a talent competition, and an interview question. All of the contestants are flying in to the Atlantic City Hilton to prepare for the big show. Many of you are beautiful, many are talented, and some would do absolutely anything to win. Consider everyone a suspect and ask your questions thoroughly.

    The Crime:

    The pageant’s host was introducing the contestants when he called out for Kelsie Swanson, Miss Teen Kansas. There was silence as he repeated the name. Everyone began to wonder where Miss Kansas was. She was soon found in her hotel room, shot dead. Who would be scandalous enough to murder a beauty queen? One of you is the criminal and the rest of you need to find out who it was.


View Characters

Alessa Zellner

Alison Lovejoy

Andrea Russell

Ashton Katcher

Aurora Keener

Big John

Cadence Olsen

Candy Applebee

Catherine Talbot

Courtney Vaughn

Dallas Stern

Daphne Clifton

Dawn Emerson

Dr. Kevin Killdear

Dustin Konrad

Evan Legasse

Fay Lambert

Grace Atwood

Heidi Ito

Herb Goldman

Howie Mandel

Imelda Logan

Ingrid Akorn

Irma Doherty

Ivy Newport

Jeff Trumbull

Joseph Field

Kate Yeats

Lucy Atkins

Madelyn Nix

Maggie Ingram

Marlene Skinner

Marvin Gyllenberg

Mercedes Tejeda

Michael Gage

Mindy Dryden

Minnie Augustin

Molly Osbourne

Monica Elwood

Nadia Jordan

Naomi Hoffman

Natalie Crosby

Natasha Dawson

Nelly Madison

Nelson Kodak

Neve Yancey

Nicole Vogt

Noelle Egglestone

Odessa Krueger

Olivia Hinshaw

Orion Rosenburg

Paige Abbott

Rachel Ingman

Saqui Dullknife

Sarah Dunbar

Skip Styles

Sylvia Crawford

Tabitha Notts

Tammy Neil

Tawny Xavier

Todd Dickson

Uma Tamblin

Veronica Tharp

Vicki Isabella

Vivian Abrams

Wanda Augustin

Wendy Vickers

Willow Ives

Winona Young

Alessa Zellner

Alessa Zellner


You are an aspiring actress from Phoenix. You hope that by winning the pageant it will launch your movie career. Your talent for the pageant will be acting out a scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Personality Traits:

  • You have a fiery & determined personality.
  • Most people think you will be famous someday.
  • Your family thinks you need to slow down.
  • Top:

    Wear a dress appropriate for the pageants.

  • Bottom:

    Try to incorporate your inner Diva into your outfit.

  • Accessories:

    Finish your look with big hair, heels, and bright make-up