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Find the right party in easy 5 steps

  • 1 Style
  • 2 Type
  • 3 Scenario
  • 4 Pick Characters
  • 5 Checkout

Step 3. Choose a murder mystery scenario

  • img-simon

    Cowboy Casualty

    A Dude Ranch Mystery

    • 8-51 guests
    • PRICE: $10.00 / guest

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    The Setting:

    You are going to the Upper Canyon Outfitters Ranch of Jack McDonald for the annual cattle drive. The ranch is welcoming and beautifully decorated with the touch of cowboy pride. Some of you will be attending for pleasure and some on business. Others will be attending for more sinister reasons and of course some of you will be there as employees of the ranch.

    The Crime:

    A shot rang out. Two minutes later McDonald was found in the cellar and was pronounced dead from a gunshot wound. One of you is the killer the rest of you need to find out who it was. When you find someone with a motive, a gun, and who was in the cellar this evening, then you may have found the true murderer. Consider everyone a suspect and ask your questions thoroughly.


View Characters

7-Finger Louie

Babette Delight

Barbara WaWa

Cam Ford

Catherine McDonald

Charles Encharge

Claudia Straightlace

Dan Cleaver

Dennis McNeil

Dr. Kevin Killdear

Ed Sloan

Edith Redenbaker

Edna Bartles

Eleanor Fidget

Emily Fitzpatrick

Florence Meadowlark

Ginger Heart

Hank Hatchet

Hanz Valentino

Irv Griffen

Jake Daniels

Jasper Jenkins

Jethro Swill

Joe Jackson

Juan Valdez

Lance Lugar

Larry Buckskin

Lefty Malone

Lilith Stern

Maria Valdez

Marlena Maples

Melanie Smith

Michelle Proud

Molly Childs

Mona Hatrock

Montana Adams

Murphy Black

Nelson Kodak

P.J. Hatrock

Percy Slick

Pricilla Jones

Rex Stirling

Ryan Brewer

Sally Whatnot

Shania Vain

Sheila Dundee

Shelly Western

Simone Wilks

Sister Camillia

Sophia Provanzano

Stanley Craftsman

Steve Remington

V.R. Ewing

Virginia Creeper

7-Finger Louie

7-Finger Louie


You are a mobster who has been invited to the party. You were hired to persuade certain individuals by any means necessary.

Personality Traits:

  • Your silent demeanor and intense gaze scares many people away.
  • Some say you're ruthless when it comes to getting your way.
  • Your friends are afraid of teasing you in jest.
  • Top:

    Wear a suit jacket and collared dress shirt.

  • Bottom:

    Complement your top with suit pants.

  • Accessories:

    Don't forget shined shoes, a tie, a fedora, and gloves.