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Find the right party in easy 5 steps

  • 1 Style
  • 2 Type
  • 3 Scenario
  • 4 Pick Characters
  • 5 Checkout

Step 3. Choose a murder mystery scenario

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    Britney Goes Overboard

    A Diva Mystery

    • 10-30 guests
    • PRICE: $10.00 / guest

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    The Setting:

    You are attending a party held on Britney Spears's massive yacht. An audition for a role in the Britney's next video will be held after the party to determine who has what it takes to be in her video. Some of you are beautiful, some are smart, but many of you are both. A famous childhood actress once said “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

    The Crime:

    A scream rang out. Britney Spears was found dead on the upper deck of the yacht, and was pronounced dead from a gunshot wound. One of you is the killer and the rest of you need to find out who it is. When you have found someone with a motive, a gun, and who was on the upper deck this evening then you may have discovered the true murderer.


View Characters

Amanda Bynes

Ashlee Simpson

Ashley Olsen

Ashton Katcher

Big John

Elle Rodeo

Emma Stone

Evan Legasse

Haylee Duff

Hilary Duff

Jake Black

Jimmy Jones

Kelvin Katcher

Kristen Stewart

Lady Gaga

Larry Lucas

Lauren Conrad


Mary Kate Olsen

Megan Fox

Miley Cyrus

Nurse Nikki

Robert Pattinson

Shia Lebough

Taylor Swift

Taylor Lautner

Timmy Hawk

Zac Efron

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes


You are the famous actress. You should come dressed to impress. After all, you want to be the center of attention don't you?

Personality Traits:

  • Some say you have a free spirit.
  • Others say nothing ever makes you angry.
  • Your mother knows you really want to make it onto the big screen.
  • Top:

    Wear a stylish tank top - anything from Ed Hardy would perfect.

  • Bottom:

    Alternatively, wear your signature short dress.

  • Accessories:

    Accessorize with cute hoop earrings, heels and heavy eyeliner.