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Author Archives: Mario Calhoun

From Gatsby to Speakeasy: Why the Decade Continues to Attract Fans

Flappers, gangsters and the birth of mass culture in America make the Roaring Twenties one of the most romanticized times in history and one of our most popular murder mystery parties. The 1920s was significant because of the cultural shift, … Continue reading

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Truth Be Known: Trusting Your Gut Instinct

While playing a murder mystery game you’ll have to be aware of every little thing that happens, as you never know what might be a clue to the murderer’s identity. The rules of the game state that everyone has to … Continue reading

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Stay Sharp: Getting the Facts in a Murder Mystery

Most murder mystery games require you to read a script verbatim while being in character, but our games at Murder Mystery Maniacs encourage you to have fun while engaged with the other players. Your character’s backstory is found in the … Continue reading

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Murder Mystery Dinner 101: Interrogation and Critical Thinking

Last week we covered the basics of getting into character, and today I’ll go into detail about how to make the most of your character’s role in the murder mystery. Your character’s personality traits, costume and character information are all … Continue reading

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Let the Games Begin: Getting into Character

Now that you’ve gotten past the outfit-planning process for the murder mystery, the next step is to bring out your best investigative skills during the game to solve the crime. After reading over the character information card you’ll quickly determine … Continue reading

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M3: Character Preparation

It’s the night before the murder mystery party and you have your costume ready to go, but you’re not quite sure what to do once you get there. Thankfully, the costume idea card (or character username and password) given to … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Invitation: How to Prepare for a Murder Mystery Party

  You were minding your business when your friendly neighborhood mailman brings you a murder mystery invitation with your name on it. Attached to the invitation is your costume idea card with party details of the where and when.  At this … Continue reading

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Be a Featured Host!

We know you love to throw a memorable party, so why not let everyone else know some of your insights into what makes a good host? We’ll read over each submission received and pick our favorite one for the month. … Continue reading

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Party Faux Pas: Missteps in Party Hosting

You’ve heard plenty of rules of what it takes to be a host, but what about the things you should completely avoid to prevent a disaster? Below are some party tips we’ve had to learn the hard way, along with popular … Continue reading

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Common Do’s of Party Hosting

There are many rules when it comes to hosting a party, both expected and lesser known , that it can feel like studying for the SAT prior to the big day. While some rules are meant to be broken, we … Continue reading

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