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Author Archives: David Wachtendonk

About David Wachtendonk

David Wachtendonk is the founder of Murder Mystery Maniacs.

Want more Engagement at your company holiday party? Skip the plated dinner!

By skipping the plated meal in exchange for hi-top tables with heavy appetizers & food stations you can increase overall engagement & organic guest interactions by more than 40%!  Historically plated meals keep guests handcuffed to their seat. As a … Continue reading

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A Year of Intrigue

2011 was a great year at Murder Mystery Maniacs with the introduction of new mystery party formats for us, namely mystery dinner theater and scavenger hunts! Last year we hosted a scavenger hunt for KPMG, which had all participants running … Continue reading

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Murder Mystery Invites

The maniacs has been going back and fourth for years on if we offer murder mystery invites. In the early years when we were small, we felt we couldn’t be all things to all people – and being in the … Continue reading

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Selling Experiences vs. Selling Games

People find us on google, twitter, facebook, or through a friend, and it is our goal that after interacting with “us” they are left feeling like they are going to get a quality product. Us can be defined as our … Continue reading

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Learning…one mystery at time

In June 2010 our company participated in a Groupon. We did some research and it appeared this could be a good avenue for our company to get some exposure for a new concept we wanted to launch in Chicago. I … Continue reading

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The Beginner’s Guide to Murder Mystery Maniacs.

Hello! If you are reading this then you are probably new to Murder Mystery Maniacs. Here are some tips, hints, and links for you to look at. We are super excited that you want to plan a murder mystery party! The first … Continue reading

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The New Website is here!

We are happy to announce the crew at Murder Mystery Maniacs is launching a brand new website! It has been a year in the making, and the site just went live.  We know the site is currently experiencing some hicups … Continue reading

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Got Cabin Fever? Host a Party.

Everyone has a little bit of cabin fever and wants to get outside in the sun. A great activity for your friends is to get together and host a murder mystery party. Your friends will be amazed at how creative … Continue reading

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Murder Mystery Birthday Parties

Do you have a friend, co-worker, or family member with a birthday fast approaching? Consider hosting a murder mystery party. They are unique way to incorporate multiple friend groups and allow you to spice up the party without spending a … Continue reading

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Holiday times in a recession

In today's econcomy we are seeing the resurgence of the holiday party. Not with the scale and grandiosity of the mid 2000's…but with a different tone. That of inviting friends, families, and co-workers to your home to do what is … Continue reading

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