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Want more Engagement at your company holiday party? Skip the plated dinner!

By skipping the plated meal in exchange for hi-top tables with heavy appetizers & food stations you can increase overall engagement & organic guest interactions by more than 40%! 

Historically plated meals keep guests handcuffed to their seat. As a result they miss out on interacting with 90% of the guests at the party. In the last 10 years I have spoken with thousands of guests at corporate events. When asking them what they liked best about the event it was engaging with their co-workers. Not the stuffed chicken & frozen veggies from the hotel catering department. They remember learning that Tom from accounting speaks three languages or meeting a co-worker’s spouse for the first time. It comes down to enabling guests to build relationships. 


What I love most about our murder mystery parties is watching the gradual change in atmosphere at an event. What starts out as a room of employees, transitions into a room of funny accents, laughter and most importantly, blossoming relationships. Contact us today if you are interested on how to grow relationships at your next corporate event.

About David Wachtendonk

David Wachtendonk is the founder of Murder Mystery Maniacs.
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