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From Gatsby to Speakeasy: Why the Decade Continues to Attract Fans

550361_10151197546946680_1466231248_nFlappers, gangsters and the birth of mass culture in America make the Roaring Twenties one of the most romanticized times in history and one of our most popular murder mystery parties.

The 1920s was significant because of the cultural shift, the advancements in technology and the political shift that resulted in the popular archetypes and places we enjoy revisiting to this day.

The flapper was one of the most iconic figures of the Twenties, as she was rebellious, young and flapped when she walked (because of her oversized shoes). At the time, young girls cut their hair into a short bob, work lanky dresses and shed their “good girl” image that they were originally expected to uphold.

Speakeasies were also an integral part of the Twenties, as they came about due to Prohibition in the America that banned the selling, transportation and production of alcohol. In order to get around the law, underground speakeasies attracted people who wanted to enjoy the nightlife.  And in most big cities there was organized crime just around the corner, with Chicago and New York being the territories of Al Capone and John Gotti, respectively. Organized crime became the norm in cities due to bootlegging, and later included illegal gambling and other criminal activities.

The Great Gatsby and our 1920s murder mystery party place you in the heart of the memorable decade. Now we want to know–what do you love about the Twenties? Let us know!

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