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Truth Be Known: Trusting Your Gut Instinct

Trust your instincts when trying to solve the crime.

Trust your instincts when trying to solve the crime.

While playing a murder mystery game you’ll have to be aware of every little thing that happens, as you never know what might be a clue to the murderer’s identity. The rules of the game state that everyone has to tell the truth except for the murderer.

Your focus on finding out who is lying will put you ahead of the rest in solving the crime, but it’ll require knowing when an interviewed character is trying to weasel his way out of a conversation.

That’s not to say it’s always easy to detect a fibber. The other players have personality quirks that make it hard to tell when someone is lying, which means you’ll have to write down all the information you receive and double-check the facts to see if something doesn’t add up.

A great way to catch someone in a lie is to ask them to explain something they previously told you. The culprit is going to have to lie to everyone at the game (except for three people), which means he’ll have to be able to keep track of his lies and the people he told.

Lastly, the culprit might try to escape a conversation if it goes on for too long to avoid being caught. If the interviewed guest seems in a hurry, you should definitely write down his weird behavior and talk to the other players to get to the truth.

We’d love to know if you were the one who guessed correctly while playing our murder mystery games. Comment below to tell us if you were right!

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