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Stay Sharp: Getting the Facts in a Murder Mystery

Everyone's a suspect in our mystery games.

Everyone’s a suspect in our mystery games…

Most murder mystery games require you to read a script verbatim while being in character, but our games at Murder Mystery Maniacs encourage you to have fun while engaged with the other players.

Your character’s backstory is found in the character info card, which is the stapled document that your host distributes once the game begins. The backstory tells you how you knew the victim, what he or she did to cause ill feelings, and where you happened to be at the time of the murder.

The information provided also lets you know whether you have a gun or not. Don’t worry if your info card says that you have a gun but you weren’t given a gun prop, as part of the mystery is trying to figure out who has a weapon.

As a way to help you in your search for the murderer, we’ve also provided a few possible leads about the other characters in the info card. You should definitely ask those characters lots of questions, as they might be the murderer or lead you to the culprit.

...even those you least suspect.

…even those you least suspect.

One more thing to remember while playing: You have a limited amount of time to talk to everyone, so keep your questions short and to the point.

Did you happen to guess the murderer during the mystery? Let us know and show us a pic of your costume at our Facebook page.

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