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Let the Games Begin: Getting into Character

Could you be the culprit?

Could you be the culprit?

Now that you’ve gotten past the outfit-planning process for the murder mystery, the next step is to bring out your best investigative skills during the game to solve the crime.

After reading over the character information card you’ll quickly determine if your character has a motive, weapon or opportunity that links him or her to the crime. Depending on your luck, you might even be the murderer!

As a suspect you’ll carry with you a notepad and pencil for writing down clues as you discover more information from the other players.

Throughout the interviewing portion, players will ask each other how they knew the mystery game’s victim. By asking and answering questions, more questions will come up that hones in your ability to determine the murderer. 

Suspicions are raised as everyone must tell the truth except for the murderer. The murderer will need to dodge questions to avoid being caught, which means he or she will have to keep conversations short and pretend to be just another suspect in the murder mystery.

Gather your clues to determine who's guilty.

Gather your clues to determine who’s guilty.

The catch, and there’s always a catch, is that there are three characters in the game who will know either the motive, opportunity or weapon that links the murderer to the crime. These “critical” characters won’t know they’re essential the game, as clues about multiple characters are included in every character info card to keep the mystery game interesting.

Remember: Each suspect has a motive, opportunity or weapon and only one person has all three that ties them to the crime. It’s up to you to figure out who is lying.

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