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Party Faux Pas: Missteps in Party Hosting

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You’ve heard plenty of rules of what it takes to be a host, but what about the things you should completely avoid to prevent a disaster? Below are some party tips we’ve had to learn the hard way, along with popular party fouls.


…be stressed around your guests. Your guests easily pick up on the energy you bring to the party, and feel uncomfortable if you’re running around trying to control everything.

…exclude anyone from enjoying appetizers due to dietary restrictions. Appetizers that you enjoy is great, but it’s important to have a variety of snacks available for those who may be vegan, have a gluten or dairy intolerance to keep everyone happy. Ask your guests about their dietary requirements at least a week before the party to prepare.

…stay glued to your cellphone. In fact, a cellphone basket at your party encourages your guests to be present at your event. As they enter, have your guests drop their phones in a basket (and remember to return them when it’s time to leave!)

…have your guests bring an essential item for the party. There’s always a possibility of your guest being late, or worse, canceling at the last minute.

…do the dishes until everyone has left your party. It can be tempting to jump into cleaning up once the dishes start to pile up, but this activity takes you away from enjoying your guests’ company.

…try new recipes on your party guests. If you’re feeling bold and want to use a new recipe, test it out before the party date to determine if it needs minor (or major) adjustments.

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