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Decorating for the Holidays: Keeping It Simple

Unsure of how to decorate? Click the image above for more ideas!

When it’s time to pull out the heavy coats, gloves, and snug hats, it’s clear that the holidays (and christmas parties) are just around the corner.

The options for decorating for your holiday party can be dauntinig–do you choose to fill your home with an explosion of Santa statues, Christmas cookies and religious symbols? Or do you opt for a simpler approach with religion-neutral decorations? Either way, the big question is figuring out how to make sure your guests will appreciate your hard work and make the night memorable.

As a general rule, it’s always a good idea to find out if your guests celebrate Christmas prior to plunking down cash on decorations and Christmas snacks to avoid stepping on anyone’s toes. Unsure of how to ask? We recommend putting a feeler out on Facebook or using a site like evite.com to gauge interest from your friends.   This way, you’ve covered your bases and reduced the chances of a possible party faux pas.

If some of your guests celebrate a different holiday, you can always stick to tried and true decorations that focus more on the winter season than the religious symbolism. Fake snow, styrofoam-crafted snowmen and white lights are staples of indoor winter decor, and symbolize the chilly season without offending anyone.

Keep your guests happy with winter-themed desserts

For desserts, choose hearty or sweet snacks such as frosted vanilla cookies, sweet potato pie or red velvet cake as a religion-neutral treat for your guests. For vegans at your party, dairy-free brownies, gingerbread cookies, and pumpkin sorbet are tasty sweets that everyone can enjoy.

You can always encourage your guests to bring a desert to share. Think about it like a cookie exchange without all the work.

For more tips on decorating for your winter holiday party, visit our Pinterest site found here. Happy holidays!

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