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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Party Faux Pas: Missteps in Party Hosting

You’ve heard plenty of rules of what it takes to be a host, but what about the things you should completely avoid to prevent a disaster? Below are some party tips we’ve had to learn the hard way, along with popular … Continue reading

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Common Do’s of Party Hosting

There are many rules when it comes to hosting a party, both expected and lesser known , that it can feel like studying for the SAT prior to the big day. While some rules are meant to be broken, we … Continue reading

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Decorating for the Holidays: Keeping It Simple

When it’s time to pull out the heavy coats, gloves, and snug hats, it’s clear that the holidays (and christmas parties) are just around the corner. The options for decorating for your holiday party can be dauntinig–do you choose to … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Cake: Serving Your Guests Fairly

Running out of dessert is bound to happen. You underestimate the popularity of a party treat, and before you know it there is nothing left but a few crumbs at the bottom of the dish. How did this happen, and … Continue reading

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Rules, Schmules: How to Prevent Party Hiccups

It’s hard to play by the rules. When presented with something that isn’t familiar, there seems to be a part of the brain that goes “I’ll just figure it out along the way.” Our murder mystery parties require that you … Continue reading

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