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Shining Star: Increasing Guest Attendance through Personal Invitations

Do you like this invite?

It’s easy to forget your commitments in this digital age. The immediacy of information has become the dominant way of communication, with a Facebook invite reaching far more people than postal mail ever could. While some things are easily replaceable, a formal invitation sent through postal mail will remain the best way to invite people to your party and receive a timely response.

People appreciate the time and effort put into a mailed invitation. As a result, they are more likely to remember your event, whereas a Facebook invite is likely to be ignored, deleted or forgotten.

How many event invites do you receive through Facebook? Whether it’s for someone’s party, a group invite or an app request, we’re bombarded with so much information on a daily basis that it’s impossible to give your attention to everything.

A successful invitation stands out in a sea of noise with attention to detail, whether it’s an interesting design or personal touch. Add a deadline for RSVPing to prevent last-minute guests from crashing your party, as this can definitely cause unnecessary stress during the planning process.

Once your invitation is sent, allow at least two weeks for invitees to respond with a yay or nay. After two weeks, give unresponsive guests a polite reminder to RSVP so you’ll be better prepared for the number of attendees.

As the confirmations roll in you’ll get a better idea of how much you’ll need to spend for your party, which can make both you and your wallet a little happier as you continue planning. Remember, avoid waiting until a week before the party to invite others. Your guests will appreciate it, and it’s considered polite!

Do you think that the personal invitation is still valuable? We would love to hear your opinion on facebook – click here

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