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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Leave it to the Professionals: When to Hire an On-site Host for Your Party

Sometimes you feel like a host, sometimes you don’t.  Whether you’re unsure of your hosting abilities, or simply want to be a part of the game rather than be the game’s leader a host might be the perfect fit for … Continue reading

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The Key to a Killer Party…Focus on the details!

A successful party doesn’t have to mean overspending to impress, but it does mean careful consideration. Theme, snacks and decorations are all important components of a successful mystery party that must work together. It’s not enough to simply have a … Continue reading

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Scene Setting: Staging the Perfect Murder

Movies hardly start off with the climax at the beginning, so why should your murder mystery? Your guests do the majority of the work once the mystery starts, but as the host it’s critical to prepare them for the game by … Continue reading

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